Mattress Cleaning & Urine Off

Professional Cleaning for Mattress Urine in High Point

Take care of your dust mite allergies with our mattress cleaning services! Were you aware that the average household mattress weighs around 7 pounds heavier by the time it needs to be thrown out? That extra weight is due to the accumulation of dead skin, dust mites, and by-products of both. Having your mattress regularly cleaned will prolong its life and improve your comfort.

Mattress Cleaning

Our company provides world-class mattress cleaning services using the Hygienitech cleaning process. We are able to thoroughly remove dust mites and their waste products. Our dry system involves the use of a UV-C light and a powerful vacuum. The UV-C light keeps dust mites from reproducing and cuts down on your allergic response to dust mites.

We will be more than happy to schedule an appointment with you to give you a full demonstration of our mattress-cleaning process. You’ll be amazed by what comes out of your mattress. Furthermore, you’ll sleep better knowing that your mattress is clean.


The smell of urine tends to linger as a result of salt crystals that bond to your carpet fibers. When those crystals get wet, the odor re-emerges. Urine-Off™ is a microbiological agent that effectively gets rid of these crystals. 

J.L. Williard Carpet Care is proud to be an authorized dealer of Urine-Off™. If you’re a pet owner, you will love this product. We use it in our professional cleaning treatments and offer it to you for use at home. It’s great for carpets, mattresses, and furniture.

Make an Appointment

Don’t hesitate to call us if your pet has made a potty-training area out of your living room. We’ll bring in our truck-mounted unit and use Urine-Off™ to get rid of the urine smell once and for all. We also recommend picking up a spray bottle of Urine-Off™ to combat any future incidents. For more information on Urine-Off™, click here.

To schedule an appointment with us for mattress cleaning and/or Urine-Off™ deep-cleaning treatment, contact us today!
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